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Instant Artistry


Instant Artistry is a global educational program, with how-to videos at its core. The campaign lives across events, ecommerce and social. All three iterations of the program are customized and modular, accordingly. 

User Experience / Design / Social / Ecommerce




UX/UI designer

M·A·C Cosmetics


Event App


Each event has several iPads that house the Instant Artistry app. Users can interact on their own without having to rely on the live demos. From here, the user can email themselves the how-to steps, or have an artist email the steps with their specific shades and instructions. Artist and brand information is also available for the new customer.


As each video is rolled out, customers are notified through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, emails and ecommerce site enhancements. Each communication point is customized and adjusted for each respective platform and global market.