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Gift Guide


The New York Times Gift Guide

In previous years, The Times’ gift guides were designed and coded anew each holiday season, featuring a limited selection of products and experiences. Our team was tasked to develop a scalable product with an eye towards future flexibility.


Organizing 200+ gifts

We wanted the guide to be flexible enough for a reader to find exactly what they were looking for, while also being delightful to browse and explore. From user testing, it was clear that “interest” and “price” were the two primary entry points that should be highlighted in our gift guide.


Each gift suggestion is created through a module “product card.”

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Connecting the dots

To help guide the reader through all of the recommendations, we bucketed similar interests and gifts, and added related categories to the bottom of each interest category page. At a more micro level, product pages show applicable Wirecutter reviews and related gifts.

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The design system needed to accommodate smaller gift guides, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Graduation. For these, all the gifts are on one page, instead of bucketing them into interest groups, though readers can still filter on price.

Wirecutter collaboration

The design needed to allow for two very different brands to live in harmony, while still showcasing each publication’s unique visual style and editorial voice.